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Postcards to myself


Making good use of the Moodle Media Collection plug-in A while ago, Finola Farrant, a Criminology lecturer at The University of Roehampton, contacted me to find out whether I could suggest a bit of technology that would help her help her students. In a nutshell, she wanted […]

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eLearningMeet: Moving theory, virtual dancing – the transformation to distance learning

Two years ago the Dance Department was awarded a small grant to convert some MA modules from being delivered ‘face-to-face’ to having a ‘distance learning’ delivery mode. One of the modules that underwent this transformation was Dr. Stacey Prickett’s own taught module called Dance and the Politics […]

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UR 1st ‘eLearningMeet’: What did you miss?

eLearning Services held its first eLearningMeet in the morning of June 10th 2014. What is an eLearningMeet? Our ‘eLearningMeet’ is an opportunity for lecturers to come together from a variety of disciplines to share examples of innovation and good practice using technology in teaching, learning and assessment. […]

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Motivating Students by Giving Assignments a Public Audience

Non-academics as Assessors Several careers ago, in a land far away, (Spain) our ex-colleague and Roehampton PGCE alumnus, Andy Hoang, was teaching Physics at the British Council School of Madrid. There, a most dispiriting bone of contention was the abysmal quality of his students’ lab reports. Nothing Andy said or did seemed […]

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Turnitin Course for Academic Staff: “What Can We Do With Turnitin?” (available on our Moodle)

The course introduces the key Turnitin components and features. It is based on the constructivist learning principle aiming to involve participants in a range of interactive and collaborative activities (via discussion forums, wiki, database and feedback facilities).  The course has a modular structure and will be used […]

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Keeping External Examiners Sweet

Context It’s important to keep External Examiners “on side”, but that’s not always easy and can be more challenging when familiar ways of doing things are superseded by new approaches. Hence, the drive towards e-assessment whereby marking becomes an online activity and hardcopy assignments are no more, […]

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