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3rd UR eLearningMeet: What did you miss?

DevelopingCreativeLearners screen bannereLearning Services held its third eLearningMeet on June 16th 2016. Seven Roehampton academics along with two eLearning Advisers and two invited Rose Bruford College academics signed up to present for 7-10 minutes on their use of technology to aid teaching and learning.

This post lists the eight presentations given. Each one listed, is (or will be), linked to another post that expands on the topic. They are listed in order of appearance.

The event began with a warm welcome and introduction by Xavier Briche the Head of Digital Learning Services, which was immediately followed by:
  1. Mahara [e-portfolios] for practical teaching and learning in an online Theatre Studies programme – David Matthews and Jayne Richards, Rose Bruford College of Theatre
  2. Virtual Open Days – Alison Waller, English and Creative Writing
  3. Scaffolding creative practice through the e-portfolioAlison Murray, Education
  4. Assessing video essays – Miles BerryEducation
  5. My top 5 technology tools to engage students – Yasemin Allsop, Education
  6. Using the ‘Explain Everything’ app – Mari CruiceEducation
  7. Using animations in eLearning materials – Paul DickersonPsychology
  8. Peer Marking Using Turnitin – Janice Kiugu, eLearning Services

Due to time constraints on the day the following colleagues were unable to present. However, you may learn about their chosen topic via the link and video below:

How a lecturer’s initial anxieties and reservations at the prospect of marking online with Turnitin were superseded by an extreme reluctance to mark in any other way! Dr. Kevin McCarron, Reader in American Literature at the University of Roehampton, tells his story.

[Note: This post is being updated as blog posts about the aforementioned presentations are completed. Apologies for the delay but please keep checking].

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